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Burlap & Baby's Breath Rustic Themed Countryside Wedding

Murmurs from the crowd were heard over the whirring of the large fans. He was standing front and center, waiting patiently for his bride to arrive. It was obvious that the blistering heat of June was not on John’s mind as he stared down the aisle. Past the family members and friends, he would soon be locking eyes with Brooke. The woman he fell in love with. The mother of his child. The woman he would be marrying in a matter of moments. All eyes focused on the tractor-pulled wagon as it rambled down the long gravel path. It was the moment everyone had been waiting for. Their young son, Harlan, was led down the aisle. Next was the bride. As Harlan reached the altar, he dropped to play with the flower petals that lay on the ground. This moment was special. Brooke and John were not looking at each other. They were not looking at the guests. They were looking at their son with the kind of love that only a mother and father have.




Throughout the day, we were fortunate enough to see many moments like this. Most of which weren’t seen by anyone else at the wedding. No matter how many hurdles were thrown at this couple, they never lost perspective. One of the biggest hurdles was the heat. It was 91 degrees on this day. John didn’t even have A/C while getting himself and Harlan dressed and ready, but he didn’t complain once. He still made it to the altar with a smile on his face. Brooke wore her extravagant (and hot!) dress and happily stood outside for pictures without any hesitation. It seemed like nothing on this day mattered to them as much as their marriage. Everything else was just noise.

Brooke and John, where do we even begin? We know how long you have been waiting for this day to come. We can only imagine how much time and effort you put into making this day special. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for allowing us to serve you on this day that was so important to you both. We saw you pull off this event with such class and showed true character throughout. We may not have spent much time together, but you both welcomed us and we felt like we had known you for years. We wish your family the best life has to offer and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you! Here are some of the highlights from this weekend.




Event Coordinator/ DJ: DANCIN' DJs

Bride's Gown/ Bridesmaid's Dresses: That Special Touch | Bridesmaid's Robes: GentleSateen | Boots: Buckle | Groom and Groomsmen's Vests: Men's Wearhouse | Tent Rental: Cousin's Tents and More



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