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Cool Creek Park Family Session

The last time I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family was in 2012!! I had just started out as a hobbyist photographer and was photographing everything I could! Mixed in with photos of dogs, bugs, and sunsets was the cutest little sister session with their huge and slobbery English Mastiff, Henry.

I am fortunate enough to be their cousin so I get to watch these intelligent, quick-witted, and beautiful girls grow into little women. We see each other nearly every Sunday for dinner, but somehow have not scheduled a photography session in 6 years!

Cameron is now 9. She's adorable, spunky, and has that charm that the comes with being the baby of the family. She's a rock star at soccer AND gymnastics.

Phoebe is now 12. She's an amazing artist and also a great gymnast. She's really smart, and very kind. We share a love for animals, and the characteristics that come with the big sis responsibility.

Kev and I traveled up to Cool Creek Park up in Carmel for a 10am session which is WAY earlier than we're used to, but the girls have crazy busy schedules so we sucked it up and rewarded ourselves with a trip to Roberts Camera after the session :) Kudos to Libby for putting together AWESOME outfits for the whole family. Check out their preview below :)



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