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One Year Cake Smash

Miera Nicole,

How is it possible that you are already one year old?? I've documented your growth for one full year. In fact, it was exactly one year ago that I was standing out in the snow taking photos of your mommy when you were still in her tummy.

The first photo was taken January 13, 2018 and the second was taken January 13, 2019. Crazy!!

You probably already know by now, but your mama is incredibly creative. And your daddy is an awesome sport :) From your first photos at just a few days old to your one year cake smash, your parents have completely blown me away with their skills as parents, partners, and friends.

You are beautiful, smart, and spunky. You love Disney Princesses and music. It is because of you that Kevin and I sometimes find ourselves singing the Baby Shark song around the house...

I am blessed to be your photographer and have the opportunity to photograph your milestones. I can't wait to see what you will learn by 18 months :)



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