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Cozy Christmas Family Session

Kevin and I were fortunate enough to spend Christmas morning with Kevin's sister and her adorable family.

Last year Kevin's nephew, Mason, was only 18 months so he didn't totally understand Christmas. This year Mason put cookies and milk out in preparation of Santa and went to bed excited. Kevin and I watched Mason come down the stairs on Christmas morning wide eyed and curious. He took in the magic of everything - the family sitting around the living room and the gifts under the Christmas tree. He smiled when he saw that Santa had eaten the cookies he had left on the table and that Santa's reindeer had "pooped" on the front lawn. He helped pass out (and open) the gifts. He helped Kevin open his Comfy and Mimi open her chocolates. His little sister, Ella, spent her morning trying to eat the wrapping paper.

A little note on the Comfy - Get one. Or two. Seriously. You won't regret it. You can put the hood up AND pull your legs and arms in and nearly completely disappear from existence. Perfect for rainy days. Or any day.

While Mason and Ella napped, so did Kevin and I. Afterwards, Kelly and Peyton got the kids ready for their Winter 2018 family photo session. It was a little chilly, but led to some perfect family portraits.

Kelly and Peyton, thank you for letting us spend Christmas morning with your little family. We loved experiencing Christmas through Mason's eyes. We are so blessed to be your family and your photographers.

Check out your sneak peek below :)


Kevin comes along to all of our family sessions to entertain the kids while I snap some portraits of Mom and Dad. This cozy little coffee moment was interrupted by Ella screaming because Uncle Kevin took away the whoopy cushion she was chewing on.

Find their Fall 2018 session here, Ella's 3 month old session here, and their Summer 2018 session here.



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