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Ella and Mason

Updated: Jun 20, 2018


The pictures you are about to see may be too adorable to handle, please proceed with caution.

This weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Kevin's sister (Kelly), and her family including their newest member, a precious little girl named Ella. After some fussing and crying while trying to wrap her up into the cutest little ball ever, she was perfect throughout the whole session.

The biggest obstacle for us was trying to keep Kevin's 2 year old nephew, Mason, from waking Ella up during the session. He started out so quiet and cooperative but was soon bouncing off of the walls and enthusiastically saying new words he had learned. Luckily, Uncle Kevin came to the rescue and distracted him with a camera. He was so focused on photographing his toy cars that he didn't wake Ella up once!

After saying our goodbyes we took a look at some of the photos from the session. We were blown away. Capturing these precious moments, even if they only lasted for a second, brought so much joy into OUR life. I can only imagine what kind of joy it will bring into Kelly's.

I can't wait to work with my next family to capture more moments like these!

Check out our preview of the session below. Check out the rest of the blog here!



A special thanks to LeAnge on Etsy for the beautiful headband!



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