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Fall Family Session at the Farm

We waited. Soon, the rest of the family would arrive. In the meantime, Zack and Kendra rested on the ancient-looking concrete barrier surrounding the base of a large tree. In the field next to them, their boys were talking and laughing as they tossed an old football. What a change of scenery it was. Instead of their busy and bustling neighborhoods in Fishers, they were on a large and quiet farm. The vast space and fresh air made this place feel like a different planet. It was chilly outside, so everyone had bundled up in their new winter gear. The season of change had come.

Instead of doing a typical engagement session for Kendra and Zack, we did a family session instead! We drove all the way to Rushville to Zack’s parents home. They live on a large plot of farmland with a historic barn and beautiful open fields. The cool breeze and October sun combined magically for perfect fall photos.

Kendra and Zack, thank you so much for allowing us to serve you as your photographers. Meeting your family was one of our highlights of the week. We know that it isn’t always fun to be standing outside in the cold for that long just for some photos, but every single one of you did so without a single complaint. Usually family sessions are accompanied by a little bit of chaos, but you all made our jobs extremely easy. We love these photos and we know your family will cherish these for years to come.

Take a look at some of our favorites from the session below!

PS: Thanks again for the spider plant starters!




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