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In the Studio with Scarlett Rose

My shutter clicked and Scarlett startled, stretching her 7 week old arms and legs out of the swaddle. The light in the studio was beautifully melting through the sheer white curtains and the instrumental version of a Disney song was playing from my phone. Little Scarlett Rose was cocooned in a pink swaddle with a matching bow the size of her tiny head and safely crammed into a metal bucket. Dad was on the couch making her second bottle and Mom was ready to hand me my camera when I settled Scarlett back into her sleeping pose This is not typically the way I photograph 2 month olds, but Scarlett had to spend some time in the NICU so her newborn session came a little late. Cieairra and Thomas, thank you for trusting me to photograph Scarlett as a newborn. The props and color coordination were perfect compliments of your tiny princess. Even though it took some time and patience, it was so worth it! Check out the previews below :)



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