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Indiana University Fall Family Session

Gold and brown leaves littered the lawn outside of the Indiana University Memorial Union. The stream gurgled in the background as it snaked around campus. Cole bent down and studied the leaves carefully before picking up a large handful. With a sudden burst of energy and excitement, he launched the leaves into the air. “Wow!”, he exclaimed, as the leaves rained down from above his head. Sometimes it is the simple pleasures, such as playing with fallen leaves, that can lead to the most joy.

Last weekend we were able to work with Sarah, Dustin, and their son Cole to capture some new family photos. It had been a few years since their last session, so they weren’t sure what to expect. Sometimes it is hard to imagine your own family, with all it’s special chaos, posing for poster-worthy pictures. That’s where we come in! We finally met up with the family after they had driven around all of Bloomington’s confusing one-ways. They did their part by choosing awesome outfits and let us take care of the rest. Throughout the whole session everyone was giggling and having a good time. Cole’s energy kept us all laughing!

Sarah and Dustin, thank you so much for trusting us to capture your family photos. We know the prep can be stressful, but you guys did amazing. You seriously made our job so easy. We hope you can look back at these photos for years to come and remember the good times you had that day. We can’t wait to capture more memories as Cole grows up!




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