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Kelci and Ryan

Holy cow where do I begin with this girl.

I met Kelci 2 and a half year ago at an ex boyfriends sister's dance recital. She was looking for a photographer. I ended up underpricing another photographer she was looking at for the first event I worked with her on and that was the best decision I ever made. Since then, Kelci has brought in probably 60% of my clients and business through her glowing recommendations and referrals. She was my first big client and I am so thankful to be photographing Kelci and now little Miera (and Ryan, of course) for all of their milestones.

There is something so special about building a relationship with a long time client. We know exactly what to expect from one another, and know that the other is always open to fun and new photography ideas. This little family will always hold a very special place in my heart.



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