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Rustic Red, White, and Blue Family Session

Is there anything more American than red, white, and blue in a wheat field? I thought there was no better time to post about this patriotic family session than the 4th of July.

When sweet little Katheryn was just a few months old, I would babysit her and her brother William while their parents were at work. Every week was the same thing. Katheryn would laugh at the dogs, and William would run around like 3 year old boys do playing with lincoln logs and feeding our fish. He had a stuffed bear that he would bring each week. On his last stay with me, he left his bear. Our dogs promptly ate it. While this sounds like a sad story for WIlliam, it’s actually incredibly cute.

Years later his mom tells me that William still asks about the bear, and each time she tells him that it’s being babysat at my parents. When I arrived to take their family photos, he asked me if I brought the bear. Laughing I told him that my parents were still babysitting it. Then he asked if he could feed the fish. It’s amazing to me that someone so little can remember so much.

After our session, I received an email from their mom that when I left Katheryn said "I like that Grace. She's nice."

William and Katheryn have always had sweet personalities and it was so much fun to capture their adorable sibling love for each other.

Heath, Lissa, William, and Katheryn, thank you for trusting me to capture your very first family photo session. I am so blessed to be able to capture the memories of what makes your family for unique.



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