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Rainy Day Abe Martin Lodge Wedding

They stood together in the center of the room. Around them, tables were elegantly dressed in white cloths with romantic candles in clear vases. All of the chairs sat empty awaiting the arrival of the couple’s family and closest friends. Her lacy white gown was illuminated by the soft light coming from the lamps above. He held her close. And they danced. There was no music. The only sound was the steady rainfall on the Abe Martin Lodge roof. They needed nothing more than each other to be swept up in this tender moment. The majority of their wedding day was still to come, but they weren’t focused on that. It's amazing how such a small and special moment ends up being one that is remembered forever.


Even us, the photographers, teared up while hearing the toasts.


In a toast made by the maid of honor, she described Mandy as a “Hopeless romantic”. That she was always “looking for her knight in shining armor. But instead of showing up on a horse, he showed up on a mountain bike”. This got a lot of laughs, but it seemed to really represent the kind of romantic love Mandy and Andy share. Every toast, from the father of the bride to the cousin of the groom, testified to this love. Even us, the photographers, teared up while hearing the toasts. These two are meant to be together. We could tell when we first met at their engagement session. It was simply confirmed on this precious wedding day.

Mandy and Andy, thanks again for letting us serve you on your wedding day. We truly and thoroughly enjoyed working with you both. Not everyone would have been able to stay so calm, cool, and collected while mother nature decided to “Dump” rain on your outside wedding venue. You both showed true character, and we are sad that we couldn’t get to know you both better. We encourage you to keep dancing with no music, to keep focusing on each other, and to keep up your wild adventures with Zev. Keep it up and we know you will live the romantic fairy tale marriage you are meant to have.

We wish you both the best as you begin this new journey together. Below, you can find a preview of your full wedding gallery. We hope these help keep such precious memories vivid for a lifetime.



The Creative Team

Wedding Planner: Kathy from the Abe Martin Lodge



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