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Sunflower themed baby shower in Franklin, IN

Not only is this Katie's first baby, it's the family's first grandchild!! So this baby shower was super exciting for Katie's family and friends. The whole room was happy - sunflowers everywhere! Gift bags full of stuffed animals, books, and baby things were stacked on the table by the door for a baby that is so loved before she's even born! The tables had trail mix in little pink paper diapers and the punch bowl had floating rubber ducks. I'm not kidding. It was adorable. One of my favorite details of the shower were the yummy cookies done by DJ's Sweet Retreat. DJ crafted some revealing cookies for a boudoir event of mine a few months ago and I highly recommend her to anyone needing custom cookies.

This baby shower was incredibly special to me because Katie is one of my sister's oldest friends. She spent many weekends at our house when she was younger - staying up all night laughing with Emily. She was kinda like a second younger sister. She even went on a family vacation with us! Katie moved out of state a few months ago, but came back to celebrate her pregnancy with her Indiana family and friends.

Katie, I've loved watching you grow into the beautiful, independent, and driven woman that you've become. I can already tell you are going to make an amazing mother and I cannot wait to meet your little girl when she arrives.



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