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Waylon and Rebekah

You date in highschool.

It doesn't work out.

Maybe you're too young, too immature, too different.

You break up.

He moves to a different state.

You both have other relationships and eventually kids.

But something is missing.

16 years later, you get a message on Facebook.

It's your highschool boyfriend.

Your stomach gets those butterflies that only a first love brings.

He wants to reconnect with you.

You've told yourself that you don't need a man and try to let him down easy.

You are too independent to be tied down.

So you tell him you aren't looking for a relationship.

When he comes to town, you humor him.

You get dinner.


Your relationship blossoms.

Even after 16 years, it's like nothing has changed.

You have found the one that your soul loves.

He proposes, you accept.

After months of planning, the day arrives.

You put on your dream dress and slip into sparkly shoes.

Your dad walks you down the aisle and lights a candle to remember your mom.

After vows, promises, and a kiss, you are married.

Waylon and Rebekah, thank you so much for allowing us to photograph your love for one another. Your love has been evident from your engagement session, to your "I do"s. As you stood at the alter, your eyes didn't leave each other. The officiant went through the vows and you went through the motions, but your souls were connected the entire time. It was our pleasure to serve you on your special day and we wish you a lifetime of happiness. Check out your previews below :)

DJ: AJ Below

Officient: Craig White

Flowers: Silk Scapes



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