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Wedding at The Sycamore at Mallow Run

She stood alone in the shade of the pavilion. It was peaceful. Birds were singing to one another in the trees and bushes. Bees could be heard buzzing in the thick green grapevines of the vineyard. Ellen was waiting. On this perfect day, she would soon get her first look at her perfect bride. Kendall emerged from the grand doors of The Sycamore at Mallow Run. She found Ellen, beautifully dressed in her white gown, standing in the distance. Excitement built as Kendall approached Ellen.

Three steps away.

The bridal party and family watched with anticipation through large windows.

Two steps away.

Kendall reached out and lightly tapped her soon-to-be wife on the shoulder.

One step away.

Ellen turned around and their eyes locked. In this moment, the reality of the day fell apart. They weren’t thinking about the events to come or the previous happenings of the day. The only thing that mattered was how in love they were under the pavilion.

This is why we love our job as photographers. Having the opportunity to photograph such tender moments is priceless. We first met Ellen and Kendall at one of our favorite coffee shops in Bloomington, The Inkwell. Even though the wedding wouldn’t be for several months, they were already so excited. They showed us pictures of everything, from the venue to the flowers. No detail was spared.

Though Grace had known Kendall before they chose us as their photographers, this was the first time that we had all met each other. It was like our personalities just clicked, we couldn’t wait to work with them.

There were a few setbacks between then and the wedding such as a vanishing flower company and a 5k race that blocked the entrance to the venue for a few hours  But did this get them down? No. This couple kept their eyes on the prize and took it all in stride. They thoroughly enjoyed every moment of their wedding. They are the kind of couple that other couples aspire to be like.

Ellen and Kendall, thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your wedding! We were blown away by your personalities and had so much fun working with you. You are so perfect for each other and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the both of you. It was an honor to meet all of your family and friends who celebrated your relationship at your wedding. Hearing all of the kind (and funny!) speeches your closest friends and family gave during their toasts warmed our hearts. While I could go on and on about how much we loved serving you, I think I’ll cut it short: Cheers to you both, we wish you all the best and hope we can work together again soon!

Now, take a look at some of our favorite photos from the day below.

The Creative Team:

Venue: The Sycamore at Mallow Run

Event Coordinator: Libby Findley from The Sycamore at Mallow Run

DJ: DJ Jason D. | Florist: P&D Farm | Catering: Sweet & Savory | Kendall's Hair Styling: Hannah with Restored Hair Studio and Shoppe | Ellen's Hair Styling: Haley from Wild Flowers Salon | Kendall's Makeup: Erin Hines from JR's Good Looks Unlimited | Ellen's Makeup: Haley from Wild Flowers Salon | Kendall's Dress: Nancy's Bridal Boutique | Ellen's Dress: Blush Bridal | Bouquets: Eco Chiq Bouquets

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